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Conference Chairs

The Conference Lead Co-Chair is Robinn Magid. She can be reached at




Program Committee

The Program Committee can be reached at

As the Conference program evolves, information will appear under the "Program" tab on the website.





The registration chair is Harvey Kabaker. If you have questions or problems with registration, please write to





The conference treasurer is Doug Cohen. He can be reached at





The publicity chair is Sandy Golden. Questions from the media should be directed to her at




Resource Village

The Exhibitor Hall and Resource Room are being combined into a single facility called the Resource Village, which will also provide a space for attendees to meet and talk informally. The Resource Village is chaired by Sharon Grosfeld, who can be reached at





If you are ready to help with the huge number of activities during the conference (e.g., in the Resource Center, stuffing materials into registration bags, as a door monitor or hospitality table volunteer, etc.), please write to




Roommate Matching

Heidi Urich has volunteered to serve as Roommate Matching Coordinator. If you looking for a roommate, write to Send your name, the dates you are seeking, whether you are male or female, and whether you are already holding a hotel room reservation for two people.





Judy Baston is managing accessibility issues for the conference. She can be reached at





The webmaster is Jay Sage. He can be reached at

If you notice any issue with a page on this site, please let him know. There is usually a link at the bottom of each page that will generate a message to him with the subject line filled in with the name of the page.




Facebook Group Moderators

The Facebook Group moderators are Dan Oren and Leora Tec. They can be reached at




Discussion List Moderator

The moderator of the conference Discussion List is Jay Sage. For issues concerning the list, he can be contacted at


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